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Summary of existing business, Business Plan & capability to run the business

“Microlink Technology” is an Internet Service Provider (Central Zone). The Company offers the following services to its customers:

• Dedicated Internet Bandwidth
• Local Area Network Maintenance
• Private Lan Service (Point-to-Point)
• Dialup Internet Access
• Network design, installation and administration services
• IP Telephone *

*(Subject to BTRC permission)

“Microlink Technology” is a company driven to provide customers with a complete solution to their future precise information technology needs. The company provide solution for top ranked Corporate Companies in Manufacturing Industry, Shipping Industry, Group of Companies, NGOs, Govt.-Office, Hospitals, Banks and many other companies who stay in Dhaka Metropolitan area.

“Microlink Technology” benefits from several strategic alliances by receiving very competitive pricing on most services and offer competitive pricing on its services to customers.

Projected revenues to run the Business Will growth, the company is seeking a major investment to fund four areas of growth in the company.

• Increase personnel to handle sales, service and development efforts.
• Increase marketing to assure future customers is aware of our offerings and aggressive pricing.
• Expand our base of Network will be operating to reach mass people.
• Perform research and development to bring new products & Service to market.
• Build a strong network in Dhaka Metropolitan area.

Our Services and Solutions:
We using CISCO, MikroTik and other FTTH device for your network performance and proactively manage operational issues to ensure smooth uninterrupted running. Our CISCO & MikroTik Certified Engineer and expertise are standby for 24 hours 7 days’ customer services.

The mission “Microlink Technology” is to provide customers with a complete IT solution to all their future precise information technology needs.
“Microlink Technology” has established a reputation for its quality Service and plans to continue to enhance its image in the IT industry. The company seeks to become a walk-known and respected provider of advanced network solutions by:

• Increasing service offerings
• Increasing availability and accessibility to current and future customers
• Creating innovative, unique, and cost-effective solutions to problems currently faced by customers.
• Installing high Performance Server
• Up to 10G Network Backbone.

Company Summary:
“Microlink Technology” is situating at Dhaka Address-House18, Purana Paltan, Paltan Plaza 4th Floor (C4), Dhaka-1000. In the Future we get the better service all over in Bangladesh.

Upcoming Services:
“Microlink Technology” is in the process of researching in future Nationwide ISP service and also services to voice, video and data over high speed TCP/IP network connections (FTTH, etc.) so as to merge the traditional telephone, cable and ISP functionalities, extend them and affordably offer them to consumers. This product would compete directly with traditional cable and telephone companies and provide new and innovative revenue streams. Current plan to provide services are:

• Triple Play: High speedy voice, video and data.
• IP Phone Services: Unlimited call on IP Phone.
• MPLS VPN: Corporate high speedy virtual private network on incorporating voice video & data.
• IMP, IP Multimedia Subsystem: High speedy video on IP Remote Health Care service, Distant Learning/ Education.
• Live Streaming: IPTV, Live TV, Time shifted TV.

Market Segmentation:
The company’s customer based includes all consumers and all small-to medium-sized businesses, including start-ups. The company plans to concentrate on SOHO as well large enterprise & individual clients, as these are perfect targets for our new high-speed offerings and hold the greatest growth potential for the company. “Microlink Technology” feels that these market segments have special pricing and service needs, and make more dedicated, reliable customers.

Service Business Analysis:
The following sub-topics look at the size and concentration of business in this group, the way services are bought and sold and specific competitors.

Competition and Buying Patterns:
“Microlink Technology” believes that its customers choose its products and services based or the following criteria:
• Competitive Price.
• Well Experience.
• Reputation.
• Service quality.
• Accessibility point of less money quality service.
• Wide Spread Network.

Main Competitors:
Competitive threats come from other Central Zone & All Nationwide ISP.

The company recognizes that it is subject to both market and industry risks. The company’s view of its risks, as well as how each is being addressed, is as follows:

Possible problems caused by a sudden increase in regulation by the govt. authorities. Like regulation can’t set strategy to be long term or sort term.

Legal matters:
Lawsuits stemming from user abuse or accessibility of -pornographic or questionable materials, the courts have historically classified ISP’s as “carriers” unless the ISP made an incomplete effort to actively filter material posted by or made available to its users. The company’s usage policy clearly states that illegal behavior will result in termination of service, but we do not otherwise attempt to control the access of its users or their contents thus maintaining the company’s stance as a “Carrier” in the eyes of the law. If the legal environment should change, the company will modify its policies and procedures to conform to the prevailing legal enticement.

Technology, Sudden and unexpected shifts in technology or the popularity of the Internet, the company will maintain an active research and development effort, as well as ongoing review of forthcoming technologies from competitors and vendors, in order to stay near the top of the technological curve. Also, the diversification of the company’s business allows it to respond to shifts in revenue by redistributing material and personnel into those efforts most likely to generate the highest return on investment.

Strategy & Implementation Summary:
The “Microlink Technology” strategy is to achieve name recognition and attract customers by aggressively pricing its services. Once customers have been acquired, the company will seek to offer either additional services, which will increase margins and provide their useful solutions envy would not otherwise find.

The company will also implement a competitive cost strategy, this will be achieved by working to establish and develop agreements with -local media companies to exchange services for discounted advertising and other exposures. SLS! Market strategy is to build on its core portfolio of products and services using the company’s expertise in the ISP industry.

The company will leverage its discounted services to help provide secondary income streams. For instance, the company plans to launch free email services, free LAN service support, which will attract current and potential customers to increase exposure of our ova: products and services.

“Microlink Technology” will be able to excel in the market because it’s a growing company, highly focused, and motivated. The company can respond quickly to changing opportunities and take advantage of the latest technologies.

The company plans to expand its marketing efforts, service offerings, end its Network Expansion for the sack of customer. “Microlink Technology” plans to capitalize on the following areas of growth:

• Precise Information Technology via Fiber-optic.

Competitive Edge:
“Microlink Technology” is currently cost-effective service provider in the country, and its reputation has been consistently high. Size gives the company a competitive advantage, in that it can see where the industry is going and move in that direction more quickly than, the competition. This also allows the company to be more efficient at recruiting and hiring highly creative and talented individuals who tend to shy away from large “corporate” environments. The company has worked to overcome old mistakes made by existing ISPs by hiring technically savvy individuals.

Marketing Strategy:
The concentrated marketing activities of “Microlink Technology” focus on the business mission and are comprehensive in nature. The following activities are tine marketing department’s mission:
• Advertising design and placement.
• Public relations schedules and press releases throughout each year.
• Creation annual advertorial (advertisement/tutorial) ‘themes for trade journals and industry conferences.
• Collection, analysis, and internal dissemination of competitive information.
• Creation and maintenance of all corporate literature.
• Design, maintenance, and monitoring of websites.
• Design and creation of sales support material.
• Collection and dissemination of client testimonials.

Marketing Programs:
To generate, sales, the company uses direct marketing promotional activities. Marketing initiatives will focus on corporate & home user’s clients. Marketing activities will be concentrated in the fall categories:
Contact Campaigns: This initiative will, various methods of reaching potential customers to generate interest, followed by direct mail / phone and visit to the potential customer.

Print Advertising:
Ads will be developed and placed in several industry publications.

Industry Organizations and Associates:
The recommendation is to join a number of organizations that are relevant to the company as a whole. This initiative will create awareness of the company within the industry, and provide networking opportunities.

Telemarketing Campaign:
Telemarketing activities geared to identify, qualified leads, follow-tip on sales progress to the qualified leads; and assurance that new potential contact lists are current and accurate.

Strategic Alliances:
“Microlink Technology” currently has strategic relationships with:

• BTCL, Earth Telecommunication (Pvt.) Ltd, Peerex Networks Ltd. for Internet service
• Provident Technology, RASA Technology, Sastech, IT-Bazer for network equipment
• Shahnawaz, Zakir Enterprise many vendors for Fiber Optic.
• Summit Communication & Fiber @ Home for Network Expansion & NTTN

“Microlink Technology” benefits from these relationships by receiving very competitive pricing on most of these services, allowing the company to offer competitive pricing on its services to customers.
In the future, the company plans to partner with backbone providers, wholesale carriers, and other strategic organizations to:

• Reduce cost of goods and services utilized
• Increase the number and variety of goods and services offered to customers.
• Chart the growth of the company into new territories.

At this time, the company is thinking to establish re-seller agreements with accessories providers, and other services, which will allow the company to compete in these markets, thus allowing -. For broader consumer recognition.

Employee Summary:
The company’s Employee philosophy will base on responsibility and mutual respect. “Microlink Technology” has an environment and structure that encourages productivity and respect for customers and fellow employees. The company’s goal is to create an environment where:

• Creativity can flourish.
• Generating new ideas arid products is well rewarded.
• Management structure is relatively flat and communication is encouraged.
• Mutual respect and sharing of knowledge is encouraged.

Employee Team:
“Microlink Technology” except that our Employee will highly experience and qualified in the future.

Some of our proud clients list for your better satisfaction

• Rupali Bank Limited

• Janata Bank Ltd

• National Board of Revenue

• Tax Zone-1,6

• Sromo Bhaban

• Titas Gas


• MetLife Alico

• Samsung

• Baitul Mokarram Business Group

• Adomjee Court

• Imperial Real Estate Ltd.

• DC Office

Business Alliance:
Rocket Signal, Microlink Communicatiom